Security: Real-Time Tracking

Karaar has a variety of security tracking solutions that serve clients of all sizes – individuals, corporations and even governments/civil agencies.

  • Personal Tracking – Track individual family members such as children and the elderly that may require monitoring. Our dedicated hardware and software is light, easy-to-use and lightning fast to make sure you are always aware of your tracked family members’ whereabouts. Set up GeoFences, which are defined areas that the device and software interface recognize as “within the limits”. You can also set up alerts when they are approaching or have left a GeoFence area.

  • Livestock and Pet Tracking – Ensure that your pet or livestock animals never go missing with our durable, simple GPS based tracking devices. Accurate location monitoring software and GeoFence setup ensure that you are always aware of their position!

  • Asset Tracking – Irrespective of the size of your business, our asset tracking hardware and software suite optimizes the time your employees spend working and how much time has been misspent during delivery runs and operations. It provides comprehensive driver behavior analytics to ensure that your drivers are following the rules of the road, following ideal routes to their location and not wasting fuel.

  • Vehicle Tracking – Our vehicle tracking systems can be used for a myriad of functions such as personal use, corporate security usage as well as government based security implementations. Our state-of-the-art tracking device and software can be used not only to track vehicles but also remotely stop them in cases of suspected theft, misuse or terrorist activity. Our devices use an innovative two method remote stop system: fuel cutoff and power cutoff, guaranteeing that the device will be brought to a halt once the command is issued. Using dedicated 2G and 3G technology, you can remotely stop the vehicle through a variety of platforms: web browsers, mobile phones and even by text message! Secure your vehicles using our solutions now.

  • Fleet Tracking – Designed specifically for trucks and large supply vehicles, our fleet tracking systems provide enterprise grade security and ensures high end performance. Track your drivers, monitor how long they’ve been driving, what routes they take, when and how long they’ve stopped, how consistent their driving performance is. Maximize efficiency, minimize fuel consumption.

All our hardware is controlled by platform independent software, which means that irrespective of what kind of computer or phone you have, as long as you have access to the internet, our software solutions will continue to function and provide tracking as well as remote stop services.

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Security: Biometrics

Karaar excels at providing comprehensive Biometrics solutions for private, business as well as government purposes.

  • Employee ID Biometrics for businesses –

  • Border control biometrics solutions for businesses –

  • Government ID solutions

  • Driver’s license integration solutions

  • Biometric solutions for prisons

  • Airport security & Biometric solutions

  • Military Applications

  • School and University biometrics solutions

  • Cloud based biometrics software solutions: Our premium cloud solutions ensure that you never have to worry about data loss or service disruption.

  • Access control

  • Mobile Biometrics

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Technology Infrastructure Services

Karaar provides a host of technology infrastructure solutions that empower, enrich and enhance businesses of all sizes.

  • IT Hardware and Software Installation & Implementation

  • Surveillance Solutions – InstanTrack provides several types of surveillance solutions including drones, traffic cameras, street cameras, security cameras and CCTVs.

  • IoT integration – We help provide Internet of Things integration for your existing devices so that your business is empowered and in sync at every level.

  • IT Managed Service Provision – We help act as your IT department remotely, solving your IT problems efficiently and meticulously.

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Renewable energy sources

Karaar provides a suite of enterprise grade renewable energy solutions including high-end solar panels. To learn more about our energy solutions, please contact us by clicking the button below:

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Secure Your Future

Find out how Karaar can help you in fulfilling your security and tech infrastructure needs.

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