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Karaar provides security and infrastructure solutions for both public and private sector clients with a diverse range of high end products, software solutions and support services.

  • Robust hardware – Our hardware is crafted through extensive market research and analysis to ensure our clients have the latest, most capable solutions for their projects.

  • Dedicated customized software solutions – At Karaar, we deliver efficient, customized software solutions to complement our hardware products specific to our clients’ needs.

  • Support and Consulting – At Karaar, we strongly believe in working with clients to help provide custom end-to-end solutions coupled with our consulting expertise and premium support. We believe in being problem solvers, big or small, introducing our clients to the perfect answer to their needs.

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Biometrics changing the way governments address data security, privacy

Accenture has published a new research report that finds that biometrics and advanced analytics are helping to revolutionize the way governments and public service agencies are addressing data security and privacy concerns. Titled ‘Emerging Technologies in Public Service’, the report explores the adoption of emerging technologies across government agencies including health and social services, policing/justice, revenue, border services, administration and pensions / social security.

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